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Frog's Breath Foundation Historical Donation List

Since its inception in 1998, Frog's Breath Foundation has donated over $8 million to various local community projects, non-profit organizations, and charities. Our commitment to Northern Ontario communities remains unwavering, as we make annual contributions to support local fundraising efforts, high school graduation scholarships, and food banks. Moreover, our grant program supports community initiatives, healthcare, sports and recreation programs, and businesses.

Health Care

Committed Supporter Of Northern Ontario Health Care System

Contributing funds to assist local hospitals in acquiring essential equipment such as CT scans.

Brain Scan

Annual Food Bank

Annual Sponsor to 6 Local Community Food Banks

Providing financial support to procure essentials for local food banks in our area.

Canned Food

Sports & Recreation

Funding Recreational Sports Programs for Youth

Backing local representative leagues, youth sports programs, and activities.

Youth Baseball Game

Annual Graduation Scholarships

Supporting Northern Ontario High School Graduates

Providing scholarships to support graduates entering post-secondary education, including NOSM.

Throwing Caps

Giving Back to Northern
Ontario Communities

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My name is Joanna Murtha and I am a recipient of the Frog’s Breath Foundation Award at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine University. I just wanted to express my gratitude to both yourself and your foundation for making such a generous contribution to support medical learners in Northern Ontario. I am in my second year at NOSMU on the Sudbury campus. I am originally from Sault Ste. Marie and plan on practicing there once I finish my medical training. This award will help to reduce the financial burden of pursuing medicine and allow me to better focus on my studies.

Joanna Murtha 

Frog's Breath NOSM Scholarship Recipient, 2023


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