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Committed Supporters of Northern Ontario Health Care System

Since our foundations inception, the foundation has been a committed supporter of the region's healthcare system donating over $1.4 million dollars as we recognize the vital role it plays in the well-being of communities across North Eastern Ontario.

With a dedication to making a tangible difference, the Frog's Breath Foundation has not only pledged financial assistance but has also actively participated in projects aimed at enhancing the capabilities of local hospitals. Through generous contributions totaling over $1.4 million dollars, the foundation has supported the acquisition of essential equipment such as CT scans, ultrasound machines, hospital bed replacements, and advanced medical imaging technologies. The impact of these contributions reverberates throughout the region, benefiting hospitals like Temiskaming Hospital, Englehart & District Hospital (now Blanch River Hospital), North Bay General Hospital, and Bingham Memorial Hospital (Matheson). These investments not only improve patient care but also contribute to the growth and development of healthcare infrastructure in our communities. 

Beyond hospital initiatives, the Frog's Breath Foundation extends its support to organizations dedicated to cancer research and promoting health awareness. Donating over $27,000 dollars to reputable institutions like the Canadian Cancer Society and local causes such as Team Shan Breast Cancer Awareness for Young Women. 

Recognizing the importance of senior care and community well-being, the foundation has also invested in initiatives aimed at supporting the elderly population. Contributions totaling over $310,000 dollars have been directed towards projects like the Northdale Manor, ensuring that seniors have access to safe and comfortable living environments. Additionally, the foundation's support of $50,000 dollars for organizations like the Temiskaming Seniors Housing Corporation underscores its dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive community for older adults. 

Moreover, the Frog's Breath Foundation acknowledges the significance of addressing social issues that affect vulnerable populations. Through donations exceeding $15,500 dollars to the Temiskaming Elder Abuse Task Force, the foundation actively participates in efforts to combat elder abuse and provide crucial support and education to affected individuals and families. 

As we look towards the future, we can rest assured knowing that the Frog's Breath Foundation will continue to be a steadfast ally in the journey towards better health and well-being for all residents of North Eastern Ontario.

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